Below are some links to various agencies which may be useful for local residents.

Planning applications

All planning applications submitted for Garsdale are listed on the Yorkshire Dales National Park website
Use the search function to find a specific planning application, or to check what planning applications are currently active, check the progress, download drawings and maps  in pdf  format and leave a comment.  If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer then you can download it here.


To report a fault or problem on the road go to the Cumbria Highways website
Here you can also check the progress of already reported faults, location of salt bins and so on.

This government webpage gives the phone number and details of where to report an environmental emergency – also works at the weekend!

Private Water Risk Assessments:

In 2009, government passed legislation that requires the local autorities (SLDC) to carry out risk assessments every 5 years for all private water supplies falling into regulation 9 or 10; that is, all supplies shared between two or more properties, and supplies to all properties with a commercial/public use (such as holiday lets and anywhere that is a permanent place of work for an employee). Supplies serving only a single home are exempt.

Please note, the risk assessments are completely separate from the SLDC water sampling, which will carry on at the same interval and cost as previously – the results from the sampling will however be used in the risk assessments.

House holders can make a start and help reduce the cost of their risk assessments by completing the following pre-survey documentation and collecting the required documentation. A table to complete can be downloaded from the Defra website here.

One document that will likely be required is a logbook of maintenance work for the water system; this is simply a list specifying the date and what maintenance was carried out, including receipts for any external work or replacement parts.

The Defra website also has a template for the actual risk assessment and explanatory notes for download here

The full legislative guide (good for insomnia) can be downloaded here


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