This is where we will list Garsdale Parish Council Papers such as minutes of meetings, Council reports and other related articles. They are all in the international pdf standard for ease of download. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer then you can download it here.

Garsdale Parish Council Meetings

Minutes 19th Jan 2023 Garsdale PC

Garsdale PC Agenda 16th March 2023

Garsdale PC Agenda 19th Jan 2023

Minutes 17th Nov 2022 Garsdale PC

Minutes 19th May 2022

Garsdale PCMinutes 21st July 2022

Garsdale__ PCMinutes 29th Sept 2022 Garsdale PC

Minutes 20th Jan 2022 Garsdale PC

Minutes 17th March 2022 Garsdale PCScan_20220523Scan_20220523 (2)Scan_20220523 (3)Scan_20220523 (4)Garsdale PC Accounts 21 to 22

16 Making provision for the exercise of public rights

Minutes 18th Nov 2021 Garsdale PC

Minutes 15th July 2021 Garsdale PC

Minutes 16th Sept 2021 Garsdale PC

16 Making provision for the exercise of public rights 2020 to 2120

Bank reconciliation proforma

Garsdale PC Agenda 20th May 2021

Parish council AGM agenda 2021

Garsdale PC Agenda 21st Jan 2021

Minutes 1st October 2020 Garsdale PC

 Minutes 16th July 2020

Scan_20200820Scan_20200820 (4)Scan_20200820 (3)Scan_20200820 (2)Minutes 19th March 2020 Garsdale PC

Garsdale PC accounts 2019 to 2020

Minutes 16th January 2020 Garsdale PC

Garsdale PC Agenda 19th March 2020

Garsdale PC Agenda 19th Sept 2019

Garsdale PC Agenda 18th July 2019

Minutes 18th July 2019 Garsdale PC

Scan_20190527Scan_20190527 (4)Scan_20190527 (3)Scan_20190527 (2)

Parish meeting minutes 2019

May report

Parish council AGM minutes 2019

Minutes 16th May 2019 Garsdale PC signed

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2019

Parish council AGM agenda 2019

Minutes 21st March 2019 Garsdale PC (1)

Parish Council Meeting 21 March 2019

Garsdale PC Agenda 21st march 2019

Parish Council Meeting 17 January 2019

garsdale pc agenda 17th january 2019

Minutes 17th Jan 2019 Garsdale PC

Parish Council Meeting 29 November 2018

minutes 29th nov 2018 garsdale pc draft

Garsdale PC Agenda 29th November 2018

Parish Council Meeting 20 September 2018

minutes 20th sept 2018 garsdale pc

Garsdale PC Agenda 20th September 2018

Parish Council Meeting 19 July 2018

Minutes 19th July 2018 Garsdale PC signed

Garsdale PC Agenda 19th July 2018

Parish Meeting, Parish Council AGM and Parish Council Meeting on 17 May 2018:

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2018

Parish council AGM agenda 2018

Garsdale PC Agenda 17th May 2018

Chairmans report 2018

Minutes 17th May 2018 Garsdale PC signed

Parish meeting minutes 2018

Parish council AGM minutes 2018 Signed

Garsdale PC accounts 2017 to 2018

Meeting 15th March

Garsdale PC Agenda 15th March 2018

Minutes 15th March 2018 Garsdale PC-signed

The meeting planned for 18 January 2018 was postponed to 1 February 2018

Minutes 1st February 2018 Garsdale PC

Garsdale PC Agenda 18th Jan 2018

Minutes 16th November 2017 Garsdale PC signed

Garsdale PC Agenda 16th Nov 2017

Minutes 21st Sept 2017 Garsdale PC-signed

Garsdale PC Agenda 21st Sept 2017

Minutes 20th July 2017 Garsdale PC-signed

Minutes 18th May 2017 Garsdale PC

Parish council AGM minutes 2017

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2017

Parish council AGM agenda 2017

Garsdale PC Agenda 18th May 2017

Minutes 16th March 2017 Garsdale PC

Minutes 19th Jan 2017 Garsdale PC




Minutes 26th May 2016 Garsdale PC   (Parish Council meeting and Parish Council AGM)

Parish Council AGM and Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 26 May 2016
Parish council AGM agenda 2016
Garsdale PC Agenda 12th May 2016

Annual Parish Meeting on 12 May 2016:

Parish meeting minutes 2016
Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2016.

Minutes 12th March 2016 Garsdale PC

Public meeting about B4RN on 1 March 2016:
Agenda: B4RN Public Meeting & Extraordinary PC Meeting;
Notes from B4RN presentation 1 March 2016
Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting on B4RN 1 March 2016

Minutes 21st Jan 2016 Garsdale PC

Minutes 19th Nov 2015 Garsdale PC

Minutes 17th Sept 2015 Garsdale PC

Minutes of extraordinary PC meeting 28 July 2015

Minutes 16th July 2015 Garsdale PC

Minutes 19 May 2015 Garsdale PC meeting
Parish Council AGM minutes 19 May 2015
Garsdale Parish meeting Minutes 19 May 2015

Minutes 19 Feb 2015 Garsdale PC

Minutes 4 December 2014

Minutes 16 October 2014   Bus 564 and 106 September 2014   Conn Cumbria Meeting 11 October 2014

Minutes 14 August 2014 signed

Minutes 16 June 2014

Minutes 8 May 2014

Minutes 20 March 2014

Minutes 16 January 2014

Minutes 7 November 2013

Minutes 5 September 2013

Minutes 13 June 2013

Minutes 10 January 2013

Minutes 30 August 2012

Minutes 26 April 2012

Minutes 17 November 2011

Minutes 15 September 2011

Minutes 12th May 2011

Minutes 12 July 2010

Garsdale Parish Newsletters



Garsdale PC accounts 2017 to 2018

Parish Council Annual Accounts 2013-2014:  GPC – Accounts 2013-2014
Audit of accounts 2013-2014:  Garsdale Parish Council 2014 IAO
Parish Council Annual Accounts 2012-2013:  Accounts Apr 2012 – Mar 2013
Parish Council Annual Accounts 2011-2012:  Accounts Apr 2011 – Mar 2012
Parish Council Annual Accounts 2010-2012:  Accounts Apr 2010- Mar 2011

2015: Correspondence & other documents:

Risk assessments for private water supplies:  PWS reply SLDC

Post 16 Transport update to PC March 2015-1   School transport letter Cheryl Cowperthwaite

Planning policy for holiday lets and affordable housing: Letter to YDNPA

2014: Consultation on proposed plans for Woodland at Dandra Garth:

Garsdale PC response
Public Meeting Tillhill Nov2014
Minutes 13 November 2014 forestry consultation

Garsdale Parich Council Consultation Notice of Forest
Harvesting Plan
Location plan
Restocking Plan
email reply from Tillhill to Parish Council Clerk

Schedule 5 Wildlife and Countryside Act
FC Practice Note Red Squirrels
Red squirrel habitat management



Other Documents:

Chairmans Annual Report 2011
Timber Forum Consultation
Cumbria Constabulary Aug Newsletter
CCC Consultation on Cumbria Timber Transport Routes 26.07.11
SLDC Local Development Framework Land Allocations
SLDC Change in Service Delivery for Bulk Household Waste
CCC – Neighbourhood and Farm Watch Changes
Cumbria Constabulary Sept 2011 Newsletter
Winter Warmth

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