B4RN Hyperfast Fibre BROADBAND

Bringing Garsdale and Grisedale residents UP TO SPEED!

The Dent and Garsdale Hyperfast Fibre-To-The-Home initiative’s volunteers are working hard to have a 1000Mbs broadband service to every home in Garsdale and Grisedale who wants a connection.

The initiative is working with a ‘community benefit’ organisation called B4RN (Broadband for Rural North) who supply the technical know how, and expert support, to volunteers in the community who do all the work on the ground speaking to landowners and residents, planning the route, organising dig days, connecting houses etc.

Local resident volunteers have already visited every landowner on the ideal main ‘core’ route, held a public meeting and a subsequent volunteers’ meeting. We are now finalising the route with landowners in preparation for digging in the duct and getting the fibre blown and connected.

To subscribe to the initiative’s newsletter, to find out more information or to volunteer click on this link.

For more information about B4RN visit their website here.

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