20 December 2012

Fibre Garden State Aid Public Consultation

9 May 2012

Fibre Garden held a community meeting for the residents of Garsdale in the Village Hall which was well attended, there was standing room only! The Chair of the Parish Council opened the meeting and introduced everyone who is involved with Fibre Garden, this was followed by a presentation by Andrew Fleck that explained why we should have superfast broadband, how it can be achieved and how important it is for the community to get involved and offer their support.

The presentation was interactive with many questions being asked about the proposed service to all of Garsdale. An Intent Form was handed out that also asked for an indication of the support and investment members of the community might be prepared to offer. A copy of the presentation and a summary of the outcome of the meeting will be emailed or posted to everyone in the Dale and published here.

If you have any questions regarding this initiative please do email or call 01274 792484 (Skype Number) or Skype fibregarden. Further progress updates will be published on this website over the coming months.

28 January 2012

Fibre Garden submits its funding application to DEFRA for a £150,000 grant towards the project

10 December 2011

The latest updates are:

  • Melvyn Dickinson from Dent has now been appointed as a full Board Member of fibre GarDen CIC
  • David Labatte, Garsdale Parish Councillor has been appointed as a full Board Member of Fibre Garden CIC
  • Fibre GarDen has been officially invited to make a full application via DEFRA for £150,000 grant funding for the project. This requires matching and the project will also need to raise further funds to meet all it’s capital requirements.
  • Garsdale and Dent Parish Councils provide support funding to cover start-up costs.
  • Yorkshire Dales National Park Dent Initiative Fund agrees to support the project with a £1,000 donation.
  • Marketing, business and financial plans are being prepared for the DEFRA application, which has to be submitted by the end of January, and for the wider project.
  • Take time read these background articles by John Colton titled More Bandwidth and Cab Anyone they provide useful background information.

18 November 2011

The latest updates are:

  • Fibre Garden Limited has been re-registered as a Community Interest Company and will now be known as Fibre Garden CIC
  • Melvyn Dickinson, owner of Stoneclose Tea Room in Dent and who has extensive international marketing experience, is currently assisting Fibre Garden with the formation of it’s marketing plans.
  • Members of the Board have been split up into various project groups to focus on the detail of a specific area, this will ensure that more rapid progress is made towards the delivery of the grant application to DEFRA by the 31st December.
  • The next Fibre Garden Board meeting is on the 29th November

16 October 2011

The project to bring Next Generation Access superfast broadband to Garsdale continues to move forward. The latest developments are:

  • Fibre Garden Limited is given full pilot status by BDUK – Fibre Garden Cumbria Pilot
  • Fibre GarDen Limited is to become a Community Interest Company that will ‘lock’ any assets for the benefit of the communities of Garsdale and Dentdale
  • A full application to DEFRA for grant funding from BDUK is to be submitted by 31st December
  • Community meetings are being planned
  • Read this interesting article by John Colton of Lucid Optical Services – In for a penny
  • Read this second interesting article by John Colton of Lucid Optical Services – Fibre lean

12 August 2011

Much progress has been made since we had a meeting with BDUK and DEFRA last week and we aim to finalise further information this weekend.

The outcome of the meeting was that there will be three initial pilots in Cumbria, Fibre GarDen (Garsdale and Dentdale), Eden Valley and Northern Fells. All three groups have been invited to make an expression of interest to DEFRA for funding after which a more detailed funding application will be made to secure up to 50% of the costs to provide a superfast broadband fibre network. The whole process should take no more than three months but will require detailed business and financial plans and much form filling!

The next big issue is filling the funding gap through working with identified partners in industry and the communities the network will serve. The fibre GarDen team are currently working on this and considering the many options available. We are also in the process of registering fibre GarDen Limited as a Community Interest Company (also known as a Social Enterprise Company) that will secure the assets and benefits of the project for the community.

I hope this short update is useful. It would appear that the past 18 months of discussions are now turning into reality but there is still much to do and we can only be successful with the support of the communities. Further information will be published on the Garsdale Parish Council and fibre GarDen websites.

24 June 2011

Dr William Lumb has kindly accepted an invitation from fibre GarDen to join the board. Dr Lumb is a local GP, lead clinician in Cumbria for health informatics and has a passionate vision of the development of healthcare in rural Cumbria that, as part of the required infrastructure, would rely on a fibre optic network.

Dr Lumb is a valuable addition to the team that will see further development of additional services through the planned network.

Today (2 June 2011) Cumbria County Council has announced the list of suppliers who have successfully made it through to the second stage of its ICT contracts procurement process. This is seen as the next important step for rural communities to secure their own super-fast broadband services.

Interesting article in the OPINION COLUMN The Times 18th May 2011 by David Davis

Fibre Broadband to the premises in Garsdale, is that really possible?
Well it very much looks possible following the Government announcement last July to include Cumbria as one of four pilot areas in England, the work by Tim Farron MP to include the South Lakes and the flurry of activity since by many enthusiasts has ensured that Garsdale is part of the pilot.

In response to the pilot, communities and parishes were asked to nominate Broadband Champions to identify and put forward the needs of the areas they represent. For Garsdale, the Parish Council nominated Councillor Tony Roberts who is an active member of fibre GarDen  the project company backed by both Garsdale and Dent Parish Councils. Councillor David Labatte is also a member of the project company representing the Council with a focus on farming and communities.

The Parish Council also asked John Colton of Lucid Fibre Options, based in Garsdale, to assist in the project and represent Garsdale. John’s expertise and business contacts within the fibre optics industry are proving to be invaluable to the project to help it secure Next Generation Access broadband to Garsdale and Grisdale. Stefan Kosciuszko, a well known Garsdale Resident with invaluable business connections, is also a very active member of the project company.

The aim of the project company is to secure the provision of Fibre to the Premises (FttP) throughout the Garsdale and Dent Parishes and where required surrounding areas.

This will be achieved by:

  • actively participating in the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) pilot project for Cumbria;
  • seeking the endorsement, support and involvement of the communities covered by this service
  • working collaboratively with Cumbria County Council and their representatives, concerned with the provision and delivery of Next Generation Access (NGA) Broadband through Fibre Optics;
  • working collaboratively with all other appropriate Government Departments and organisations;
  • securing appropriate funding from or through BDUK or other such appropriate organisations;
  • establishing an appropriate vehicle through which this can be delivered and managed for the benefit of both Dentdale and Garsdale.

You can follow all the latest developments on the fibre GarDen website but we will also publish specific information for Garsdale on these pages.

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