Motorbikes speeding through Garsdale

As discussed at recent Parish Council meetings, motorbikes driving dangerously, treating Garsdale as a private racing circuit is a problem for residents each spring and summer.

We would like to collect some more accurate information about this, so if anyone has witnessed an incident with motorbikes, particularly any dangerous riding, or near misses, then please add a comment below, including approximate location, date, time, what happened, and ideally also your name and/or address, although it is OK if you prefer to remain anonymous.

  1. #1 by BorderBoy (@Up_on_the_moor) on 04/06/2020 - 3:54 pm

    I didn’t live in Garsdale when this meeting was held. I live in Garsdale now, though, and I certainly feel the issue of motorbike speeding and the noise they make could be discussed by the PC. Since the easing of the C-19 lockdown restrictions the amount of bikes and the noise has been astounding. Can the PC discuss this and if they feel it is an issue, could it be raised with the YDNP and County Highways?

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