Message from the Fibre GarDen board (Facebook 8/12/2015)

You will have noticed that the Fibre Garden website is no longer functioning. This because around the time of the AGM and the community meeting the site became infected by malware. Why anyone should want to this is unclear. Despite many attempts it has proved impossible to repair this so for the moment we are not using the site but are relying on email and Facebook.

To help people keep informed if they do not have access to facebook, news posts from Fibre GarDen will also be posted here on the Garsdale Parish blog as a service to the community.

There was a Board meeting on 30 November 2015. David Wright was elected Chairman until we know the way forward and what structure will be needed for the future. At the meeting potential options were reviewed and progress to date discussed. A number of possibilities have been raised but with only one likely to deliver the original plan for fibre to every home in both dales from the start. Work will continue to develop these ideas ready for the EGM on 14 January 2016.

During the past week there has been a meeting with the Connecting Cumbria Project to review the current position and any future relationship. Dave Ryall has continued with visits to members of the community and others to help planning the future.

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