Message from Fibre GarDen (facebook 17/12/2015)

Productive discussions have continued to be held with interested parties with the aim of having a strong proposal to put to members at the EGM on 14 January 2016. We are well on the way to having a concrete presentation to give at that meeting for members to vote on a way forward.

An Extraordinary meeting of Dent Parish Council was held on 14 December with a view to making a recommendation in respect of allowing a rescope for BT to provide a service to Dent itself. Many of those attending the meeting found the whole process itself extraordinary. In the event the Parish Council decided to make no decision. For the majority of the public attending the key issue was that BT could provide an improvement in Dent itself but that the more remote properties would be left as now. Whereas this was a Dentdale meeting many had in the back of their minds that the BT proposal would deliver nothing for Garsdale. This would be very divisive for the communities and certainly would not meet the objective of securing high speed broadband for all.

Meanwhile Dave Ryall has completed a training course in the handling and splicing of fibre which will help us considerably should we move forward with a community based project.

As this is likely to be the last posting before Christmas the Board would like to wish you all the best for the season and look forward to positive outcomes in the New Year.

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