Fibre Garden Community Meeting

Fibre Garden held a community meeting for the residents of Garsdale in the Village Hall which was well attended, there was standing room only! The Chair of the Parish Council opened the meeting and introduced everyone who is involved with Fibre Garden, this was followed by a presentation by Andrew Fleck that explained why we should have superfast broadband, how it can be achieved and how important it is for the community to get involved and offer their support.

The presentation was interactive with many questions being asked about the proposed service to all of Garsdale. An Intent Form was handed out that also asked for an indication of the support and investment members of the community might be prepared to offer. A copy of the presentation and a summary of the outcome of the meeting will be emailed or posted to everyone in the Dale and published here.

If you have any questions regarding this initiative please do email or call 01274 792484 (Skype Number) or Skype fibregarden. Further progress updates will be published on this website over the coming months.

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