Bridge Repairs – Update

UPDATE 18 NOVEMBER – Cumbria Highways have been granted planning permission to complete the repairs to Kirk Bridge. Work has already started so fingers crossed that the traffic lights will be removed before the end of the year!

UPDATE 20 SEPT – A planning application has been received from Cumbria County Council for the repairs to Kirk Bridge. Details can be found on the YDNP website under reference S/02/13A/LB. Please inform the Parish Council of any objections.

UPDATE 12 AUGUST – Having contacted the Enforcement Officer at YDNP he has advised that Cumbria Highways are now required to submit a listed building consent and planning application before any further works can be undertaken. They have also been asked to secure all stones that have been moved on the site. A site meeting with YDNP Conservation Specialist and Cumbria Highways Principal Engineer is to take place in the next few weeks.

UPDATE – 27 JULY – Repairs to Kirk bridge have now been stopped as the finishes are not compatable with the surrounding area. Having met with YDNP Planning Enforcement Officer they have suspended the works. More to follow as soon as we have it.
 Additional complaints have been received by Garsdale Parish Council today, thank you all for these.

26 July – The Parish Council has received a complaint regarding the repairs to Kirk Bridge by the Village Hall. It would appear that the type and colour of stone that is being used to replace damaged ones are not in-keeping with existing stones or the surrounding area. This is being investigated and contact has been made with Cumbria County Council Highways Department.

If you have a view on this matter please do get in touch with the Parish Council.

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